B Model Cordless (discontinued)

Malaysia’s 1st cordless air purifier with periodic service

If you love someone, set them free — free to breathe purified air in any room and any corner with the B Model Cordless’ revolutionary 8-hours-per-charge cordless operation.

  • 8 Level Filtration System
  • Portable & Save Space
  • Up to 8 Hours Cordless Operating Time (Sleep Mode)
  • Battery Display
  • Futuristic Features Voice Control & Smart Timer
  • Energy Saving Efficiency
  • Certified with the Clean Air Mark by the Korean Air Cleaning Association
  • Toxic Air Purification (NO2, SO2)
  • Cuckoo Plasma Ionizer
  • Fine Dust Level Color Indicator 6 level

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1 - 12 months 13 - 24 months 25 - 36 months
RM140/month RM140/month RM140/month

Specification Cuckoo B Model Cordless

Usage Time About 8 hours (Maximum operating time with sleep mode engaged)
Charging Time About 3 hours
Usage Area Indoors
Reach Area 40.5 m2
Product Size 452 mm (Length) ×236 mm (Width) ×630 mm (Height)
Product Weight 10.8 kg
Price RM 3,500.00

Filtration Flow B Model Cordless

Level 1 Pre Filter Eliminate large dust and animal hair 2 weeks once Clean
Level 2 Allergen Plus Filter Eliminating rest of dust which didn’t removed from Pre Filter 4 months once Replace
Level 3 Harmful Gas Relax Filter Eliminating toxic gases (sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and benzene) 12 months once Replace
Level 4 Deodorization Filter Eliminating bad odors (ammonia, acetaldehyde, acetic acid) and harmful gases. 12 months once Replace
Level 5-8 Ultra PM 2.5 Filter Exhibiting micro dust and tobacco smoke. Anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti allergen and anti virus. 12 months once Replace

CUCKOO Natural Care Service

The CUCKOO Natural Care Service is conducted periodically for CUCKOO customers to maintain the quality and excellence of CUCKOO products. Each service, be it installation or our periodic servicing, is done with extreme care and passion by our professionally trained service specialists, known as Natural Doctors and Natural Doctresses, who are part of our CUCKOO+ Service Team.

We are also the first brand in the market to offer a fully specialised team that is solely dedicated to providing Beyond Standards after-sales service.