Cuckoo Air Purifiers Products List

Welcome to Cuckoo, your one-stop shop for all your air purifier needs. We offer a wide range of products that are perfect for any home or office environment. With prices ranging from RM75 to RM140 per month, you can be sure to find the perfect air purifier to fit both your lifestyle and budget.

At Cuckoo, we understand that choosing an air purifier is an important decision. That’s why we provide free consultations and quotations so that you have all the information you need when making your purchase. We also provide 5 years of warranty and free service on all our products, giving you peace of mind when it comes to your new air purifier.

Our commitment to quality means that we are constantly innovating and researching new ways to keep our products top-of-the-line. This commitment has enabled us to develop some of the most efficient air purifiers available on the market today, allowing you to improve indoor air quality with minimal energy consumption. All our products come equipped with advanced filters designed to remove even the tiniest pollutants from the air in your space, offering a much healthier environment for those insides.

So don’t think twice about choosing Cuckoo as your go-to provider for all your indoor air purification needs! With a range of convenient payment options available and expert customer service on hand every step of the way, you can rest assured that you’re getting only the best when it comes to quality performance and value for money. So come join us today and start breathing better!

Product-Cuckoo-C-Model-01 Cuckoo-C+-Humidifier-01 Cuckoo-U-Model Cuckoo-D-Model-01 Cuckoo-K-Model-Air-Purifier.jpg Cuckoo-R-Model-Air-Purifier
Model C Model C + Humidifier U Model D Model K Model R Model
Recommended Area 402.57 Sqft 402.57 Sqft 1161 Sqft 710.42 Sqft 710 Sqft 570 Sqft
Filtration Ultra PM2.5 Filter Ultra PM2.5 Filter HEPA 14 Filter HEPA 14 Filter HEPA 13 Filter HEPA 13 Filter
Sensor Fine Dust Sensor Fine Dust &
Fine Dust Sensor & TVOC Sensor PM1.0 Fine Dust Sensor Fine Dust Sensor Dust Sensor
Weight 7.4KG 9.2KG 14KG 11 kg 7.0KG 6.7kg
Energy Rate 33W 25W 80W 65W 60W 50W
Monthly / Rental 1st-3rd Year RM85
4th-5th Year RM80
1st-3rd Year RM110
4th-5th Year RM105
1st-3rd Year RM130
4th-5th Year RM125
1st-3rd Year RM115
4th-5th Year RM110
1st-3rd Year RM85
4th-5th Year RM80
1st-3rd Year RM70
4th-5th Year RM65
Outright / Tunai RM 2360.00 RM 2800.00 RM 4000.00 RM 3200.00 RM 2500.00 RM 2300.00