Cuckoo C+ (Humidifier)

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RM2,512 (NP RM2,800)

Valid until 2023-02-28

BLESSING CNY 2023 RM 288 OFF 2022 (Product Discount + FREE ADDITIONAL 1 YEARS NCSP)

Malaysia’s 1st air purifier + humidifier with periodic service

Good air is not just about its purity, but its humidity as well. Get yourself an air purifier that gives you both.

  • 7 Level Filtration System
  • Natural Humidification Function
  • Low Noise & High Efficiency Air Flow (Baby & Sleep Modes)
  • Futuristic Features Voice Control & Smart Timer
  • Energy & Cost Saving
  • Certified with the Clean Air Mark by the Korean Air Cleaning Association
  • Toxic Air Purification (NO2, SO2)
  • Cuckoo Plasma Ionizer
  • Room Care Purification Small (64.58 139.93 ft 2 ) , Medium (139.93 247.56 ft 2 ) , Large (247.56 ft 2 above)
  • Cleanliness Indicator ––(L6 Red, L5 Purple, L4 Yellow, L3 Green, L2 Teal & L1 Blue)

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1 - 12 months 13 - 24 months 25 - 36 months
RM120/month RM120/month RM120/month


  • A humidifier is a device that adds moisture or humidity to the air.
  • A humidifier has a tank for holding water, which is eventually evaporated by a fan that distributes the moisture to the surrounding environment.

Specification Cuckoo C+ (Humidifier)

Usage Area Indoors
Rated area for application with CA certification 37.4 m2
Humidifying Ability 300 mL/h
Water Tank Size 2.5 L
Product Size 430 mm (Length) X 276 mm (Width) X 550 mm (Height)
Product Weight 9.2 kg
Price RM 2,800.00

Filtration Flow Cuckoo C+ (Humidifier)

Level 1 Pre Filter Eliminate large dust and animal hair 2 weeks once Clean
Level 2 Harmful Gas Easy Filter S Eliminate sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide 4 months once Replace
Level 3 Deodorization Filter Eliminate ammonia, acetaldehyde, acetic acid, harmful gases and unpleasant odor 12 months once Replace
Level 4-7 Ultra PM 2.5 Filter Eliminate micro dust and tobacco smoke. Antibacterial, antifungal, anti-allergen and anti-virus. 12 months once Replace
- Humidification Filter Provide sufficient water absorption and evaporation efficiency Once/ a week Clean
Once/ 4 month Replace

CUCKOO Natural Care Service

The CUCKOO Natural Care Service is conducted periodically for CUCKOO customers to maintain the quality and excellence of CUCKOO products. Each service, be it installation or our periodic servicing, is done with extreme care and passion by our professionally trained service specialists, known as Natural Doctors and Natural Doctresses, who are part of our CUCKOO+ Service Team.

We are also the first brand in the market to offer a fully specialised team that is solely dedicated to providing Beyond Standards after-sales service.